Dream Big Instant Volumizing Conditioner

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With white lupine protein.

Dream Big Instant Volumizing Conditioner is a feather light, color-preserving gel-crème conditioner leaving hair full of volume, shiny, and detangled. Who should use it: Anyone seeking volume, especially those with fine or thinning hair. Paraben-free, mineral oil free, and cruelty-free.


  • Anti-inflammatory and scalp hydration benefits from moringa extract.
  • White lupine plant peptides add structure to hair for increased body. Increased tensile strength (elasticity) from vegetal proteins. 
  • Rice bran and chufa milk provides softness without weight.
  • Phospholipids to preserve color tone. 
  • Energizing aromatherapeutic benefits from mint/citrus/rosewood extracts.


  • Feather-light, gel-crème formula.
  • Avah scented Serge Normant’s signature fragrance.


  • Leave on for 5 minutes or longer before rinsing for deeper moisturizing benefits.
  • Follow with volumizing products for additional levels of lift and oomph.